Marine Sciences at UConn About MYSound

  MYSound  provides comprehensive, real-time water quality, weather and wave data from Long Island Sound, its harbors and estuaries.

The MYSound Project  received initial funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the now defunct EMPACT Program. The EMPACT Program provided funding over a three year period (1999-2001), during which time a prototype realtime water quality monitoring network for Long Island Sound was developed, tested and deployed. The EPA provided funding for the maintenance and refinement of the MYSound network through two grants covering fiscal years 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. Currently MYSound is funded by NOAA as part of the COTS (Coastal Ocean Technology System) Program through UConn's LISICOS (Long Island Sound Integrated Coastal Observing System) Program.

The objective  of the MYSound Project was originally, and continues to be, a means by which to provide real-time water quality monitoring data from Long Island Sound to a broad spectrum of users - enhancing the appreciation, knowledge and use of The Sound.

The approach  consisted of establishing telemetering data buoys at several locations throughout The Sound. Currently there are six active stations, with two more stations in transition (check here for the latest station status report). The data are posted realtime to this site as provisional data, while longer term and historical data are available as ASCII files via FTP.

The sensor data  available includes: water temperature, salinity (from conductivity), and dissolved oxygen as indicators of water quality. Due to the initial popularity of our weather station located in the eastern sound, we have added weather sensors to the Central Sound and Western Sound buoys. The Central Sound buoy is also equipped with a wave monitor.